Opioids Epidemic and Crises

Opioids Epidemic and crises

Police Leaders like you, across the US and Canada, are facing serious challenges with chemical and drug exposure to their personnel and to the community. The ongoing growth of Fentanyl importation and distribution puts community members at risk, as well as Service members who may be exposed in their work place. Many Services are wrestling with policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of officer exposure when hazardous materials like Fentanyl are identified. The inability of front line officers to effectively scan a substance often means that labour intensive processes must be put into place to manage the scene and mitigate the risk, drawing down on valuable resources.

Teknoscan Systems has expanded the capability of its existing scanning system to include Fentanyl, and designed an easy, reliable and accurate scanning capability for front line police officers.

Teknoscan system and Fentanyl screening

The Teknoscan system provides a fast and easily managed scanning and analysis of minute traces of chemicals and provides an instant readout of their content, meaning that the Teknoscan can identify the incredibly small traces of Fentanyl that can be hazardous or fatal to front line officers. This includes the capacity to scan packages prior to opening, or to scan rooms prior to entry. The scanning system is so sensitive that it can be deployed to scan for Fentanyl instead of the use of a canine unit (which can be injured when exposed to trace elements of Fentanyl).

Since Fentanyl is a manufactured chemical, it’s elements (or analogues) are constantly evolving, and to date over a dozen different forms of Fentanyl have been identified. The Teknoscan system evaluates each sample to determine the specific Fentanyl analogue to provide greater response information and intelligence to the Service.

The attached brochure focuses on the Fentanyl detection capabilities of the Teknoscan system, which can also be expanded to include detection of explosives (including precursors and homemade explosives) as well as other drugs.

We believe that this Canadian designed product represents the leading edge of scanning and evaluation and we believe that the Teknoscan system can support police officer safety current national Fentanyl crisis.

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