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Land Cargo Security

The current global security situation requires new approaches to identify and prevent security threats from both internal and external sources. Ground-based security solutions are essential in both civilian and police applications. TeknoScan offers practical, rapid and reliable threat substance trace detection and identification systems for land cargo security applications.

As recent homegrown terrorist incidents have shown, threats can originate from both internal and external sources. Threats are not limited to explosives; they can also involve nuclear material, chemical and biological agents, smuggling of individuals and narcotics. Although imaging technologies, such as X-ray systems, have been developed to a very high standard, they are still unable to detect all types of threats, being relegated to those which have a shape; further, they have high capital and operating costs, require skilled operators and can still be circumvented. Although sniffer dogs are a valuable asset, they too are not infallible.

A combination of technologies and methods is the best solution available to address this complex and multi-faceted problem because all existing technologies and methods have limitations. TeknoScan brings a practical and accurate technology to the ground-based security solution mix.

TeknoScan offers a lightweight and portable sampling system for containers, vehicles, packages or people. These systems can be deployed in logistic centers, border crossings and other operational sites. These mobile systems deliver TeknoScan’s Rapid Trace Detection & Identification (RTDI) technology for cargo, packages, people and vehicles at virtually any location. Portable and non-invasive, easy to use hand-held or high volume vacuum systems are designed to deal with almost any operational environment. On-site sampling and analysis dramatically improves ground-based security.

Container Sampling & Detection

Container field sampling using HVS

Vehicle Sampling and Detection

Vehicle field sampling using HHS

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