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Air Cargo Security

The explosion of a bomb planted in an air cargo container is a catastrophic event with far-reaching human and economic consequences. Screening 100 per cent of all cargo on U.S. passenger flights is now required. The current canine and imaging solutions are insufficient for the task. Additional approaches are required. TeknoScan offers practical, rapid and reliable threat substance detection and identification systems for air cargo security applications.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants to boost screening of cargo on international aircraft carriers to 100 per cent by 2013.

For air transport and government security decision-makers, TeknoScan provides the trace detection and identification solution of choice. TeknoScan’s Trace Detection and Identification technology screens for potential threat substances in vehicles, on pallets, in ULDs, and in packages, boxes or luggage.

The technology is even capable of securing entire aircraft passenger cabins. Extraction of air samples for analysis can occur simply and rapidly via aircraft ventilation dump valves.

Air Cargo Sampling

Pallets Sampling & Detection

Package and Boxes Sampling

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