General Tutorials on aspiration and detection of contrabands

When the layman hears the term “explosives or narcotics detector” he probably thinks of a Sniffer or a device which analyses the air for the presence of explosives or narcotics vapors. The attraction of the sniffer is probably based on two main ideas:

  • They seem to mimic dogs, which have a good ability to find hidden objects by scent
  • They actually collect a sample which may contain a small quantity of the contraband, so analysis of this is likely to be more accurate than techniques relying on remote analysis, such as X-Ray imagining technique.

The process of acquiring a sample from a target container or other objects is shown in the above schematic. A sampling system collects vapors and particles of many substances from the environment, analyzed in the detector and results presented to the operator.

Teknoscan high volume sampler and hand held sampler are separated from the detector unit and the acquired sample is held on the sample card, which is transferred to the analyzer manually for processing.

The sampling system is efficient in collecting explosives and narcotics by aspiration and using a hand wand to perform swabbing for surface contamination.

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