Company Profile

TeknoScan Systems Inc is a developer and manufacturer of advanced Trace Chemical Detection (TCD) solutions. Our state-of-the-art awarded patented technologies detect and identify banned or hazardous materials through the sampling and analysis of trace vapors and particles in air or on surfaces. TeknoScan’s advanced sampling and analyzing technologies rapidly and reliably detect and identify organic compounds such as explosives, drugs and other target substances.

TeknoScan’s technology provides the means to test all forms of shipping containers without opening the container. A high-volume vacuum pump attached to a probe or the container vent extracts an air sample and analyzes the sample in minutes. The speed and accuracy of the system makes 100% screening of dry cargo containers possible without disruption to the flow of commerce.

TeknoScan has also developed a small, hand-held sampling unit designed for non-invasive screening of individuals, cars, trucks, campers and trailers.

The same state-of-the-art technology is easily adapted for testing passengers or cargo compartments of aircraft. The high-volume vacuum pump can be attached to the aircraft rear ventilation dump valve rapidly extract an air sample to analyze for the presence of dangerous substances. Sampling and analysis can be achieved within the time window between gate closure and departure and therefore not affect the flow of commerce.

TeknoScan’s implementation brings together several proven and reliable methods in new ways to create the Next Generation in trace detection technology.

By incorporating new science and new techniques, TeknoScan has created a more accurate and powerful, more comprehensive TCD solution. Technologies such as gas chromatography and ion mobility spectrometry are combined with advanced signal processing techniques and a unique sample card design. The sample card incorporates a special chemical coating which is molecularly “sticky” and which adsorbs molecules from the air as well as from traditional swabbing methods. These trapped molecules are later desorbed by heating, then trapped and channeled through the TeknoScan analyzer for identification.

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